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Personal data privacy

Our personal data protection policy - in short

• Your personal data will not be misused.
• Your contact information or your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party unless required by law.
• We won't send you electronic newsletters or notifications if you haven't given consent, except in the case of electronic transactions.
• You can easily unsubscribe from our electronic newsletters or notifications.

Our personal data protection policy - in detail
Statement of  LABORA TRADE on personal data protection
Personal data protection of our customers is a special interest of our company. All activities of  LABORA TRADE - - meet the European regulations (EU Directive 95/46 / EC, 2002.58 / EC and the Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and state laws that are in force in the countries of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. In Croatia, we comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (N.N.103 / 03.). LABORA TRADE complies with the privacy policy when obtaining data.

Collecting and processing personal data
Personal data gives information about your identity, for example, your full name, e-mail address or postal address. LABORA TRADE - - does not collect or process your personal data, except when you give consent by ordering products, subscribing to our electronic notifications (newsletter, etc.) or by participating in our contests.

The use and disclosure of personal information
LABORA TRADE - - will use your personal information only for the purpose of technical administration of the website so that you have access to special information, or to communicate with you. LABORA TRADE - - will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless required by law.

Orders, surveys and contests
LABORA TRADE - - demands information through a form where the user provides contact information (such as your e-mail address, name and delivery address), and sometimes financial information (credit card number and the validity date). This information is used for billing purposes and to fulfill customer orders. This contact information is used to contact the user to verify orders/data or when having trouble processing an order.
Occasionally, users are invited to participate in surveys or contests on the website or receive an invitation to participate electronically (e-notification, etc.). Participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary and the user can choose whether to provide this information or not. The information requested may include contact information (e-mail address, name and address) and demographic information (gender, age, etc.). The survey information will be used for purposes of monitoring or improving the use of the website and customer satisfaction. For contests, contact information will be used to register participants, notify the winners, etc.
Employees of LABORA TRADE - - are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your information and are subject to the nondisclosure agreement on protecting personal data.

Freedom of choice
You can control the personal information you provide to LABORA TRADE - If you choose not to provide personal information to LABORA TRADE, you will not be able to access certain areas on our website or if you do not want to be further contacted, you can always withdraw your consent. Customers wishing to withdraw their consent to be contacted can do that by clicking on unsubscribe in every electronic newsletter or by sending a request to our e-mail address:
With the withdrawal of consent to be contacted you should send your contact information and correct e-mail address (in case you have more than one e-mail address, you must state which one you want to unsubscribe or do that for all e-mail addresses).
If your personal information changes (i.e. e-mail address, home address, phone or mobile phone, zip code, etc.), please let us know at:

Automatic data recording (non-personal data)
When you access the website general, non-personal information (using the Internet browser, number of visits, average time of visits, visited pages) are recorded automatically (not as part of the application). We use this information to measure the attractiveness of our website and improve its content and functionality. Your information is neither subject to further treatment nor forwarded to third parties unless required by law.

Cookies are invisible documents that are temporarily stored on your hard drive and our website to recognize your computer the next time you visit our site. We use cookies only to gather information concerning the use of our website.


LABORA TRADE pays great attention to the security of personal data. Your personal information is protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.

Protecting the privacy of minors
LABORA TRADE recommends all parents and guardians to inform  their children about safe and responsible behavior with personal data on the internet. Minors should not leave any personal information on the website without permission of a parent or guardian.

LABORA TRADE - - requires that minors do not buy nor participate in other legal matters in relation to our products and services without the consent of a parent or legal guardian and does not want to receive personally identifiable information directly from minors, but sometimes the age of the person, who provides personal information, cannot be determined. If a minor still delivers personal information without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, please notify us so that we can remove this information.

LABORA TRADE will never knowingly collect personal information from minors and use or forward it to a third party without their permission.

Links to other websites
The personal data protection statement applies to LABORA TRADE.

Our website contains links to other websites where you can find out more about our products. Please note that this data protection statement may not apply to such linked websites. When you leave the website, check the personal data protection statement of each website that collects personally identifiable information again.

Right to information
If you have any questions regarding our policy of keeping or processing personal information, feel free to contact our office for personal data protection.

At your request, you will promptly be informed - in writing and in accordance with the law - which of your personal data, if at all, was collected during your visit to the website

Notification of changes
Any changes regarding our privacy policy will be announced in the personal data protection statement on our website and in other places where we feel it is necessary.


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